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I write because I love the written word.

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Hat Films? More like, Light Everything On Fire Films.

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the last two frames of this kill me

I will reblog this forever.

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lets take a moment to thank mark for doing this because goddamn






I’m so judging the post directly above me…


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I love it when Kim is grouped up with Hannah and Strippin because most of the time it looks like she’s trying to integrate an athletic Greek amazonian queen and a bewildered 6ft tall sex god into modern society 



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Woke up one morning and thought ‘what if creature buttons/stickers’ and so I drew these. Idk, it would be pretty cool though.

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Perhaps the greatest photo in the history of life.

'Cause you always want what you’re running from. And it’s always been that way.

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gavin and ryan being sore losers resorting to dirty tactics in go! episodes 9 and 18, as requested by bryn.

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DAFT PUNK - Speed of Sound
I am painting with relax, so it take a few days to complete.
will be available for printing on T-shirts and tote bag.

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