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Achievement Hunter Minimalist Posters
Ray Narvaez Jr.

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Let’s Play Minecraft Part 8 - Build a Tower Part 1

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this is all i have to show for today


Burnie: “Sometimes the audience needs to be notified of opportunities to think you’re a fucking idiot. Sometimes they need that, they like the helping hand of like ‘Oh Gavin could be stupid in that particular case. Most of the time you’re not! Most of the time you’re well spoken and very intelligent. But a lot of the time we can like make- take one idiosyncrasy and like twist it so it makes it sound like you’re dumb.”  x

"WELCOME to Fort Frolic!"

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Joel & Joe


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Favorite Minecraft LP Moments: 1/?


We at Ramsey’s Landscaping & Florist take the end of the world very seriously: prepare your anuses for war, gentlemen!

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unbelievably cute/stupid/suggestive freewood moments
crafting tables and furnaces (galacticraft part one)